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Home Decor

Based in the South of France since 2013,  I  am a graduate of KLC School of Design in London, specialising in Residential Interior Design. A little play on the spelling of the Irish (Gaelic) name for Ireland, Éire, I chose "Eyra Interiors" to evoke ideas of home, strong roots and a feeling of belonging. 

Keeping these ideas in mind, I believe it's truly important to surround ourselves by things that make us feel happy, safe and comfortable; these are the types of homes I design.

A Little About Me

I have a love for all things home, whether that's cute & cosy or sleek & stylish. Even as a child, I remember getting my brothers to cut holes in wardrobes to create more space and secret compartments. As an adult, I have lived in 19 different homes in 6 different countries. Everywhere I've ever lived, I have always put my own stamp on it to make it a homely, functional sanctuary. I really enjoy when everything has a purpose, and somewhere along the line I have earned myself the reputation of being super organised and obsessed with cleaning! 

When I started my first renovation project, I felt very much out of my depth and that I was being taken advantage of. From grossly overpriced quotes to unfinished work, it was one of the most stressful times in my life. What struck me the most was how this was regarded as the norm. So I decided to do something about it. First and foremost to design beautiful homes but also to create a service that helps people to enjoy a time which is supposed to be fun and exciting. 


Get in touch to see how I can help turn your dream home into a reality - without the nightmares in between! 

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